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Madklubben Home of Carlsberg

Madklubben has made inroads throughout Denmark, but Madklubben Home of Carlsberg is still something very special.

After the grand opening of Home of Carlsberg, the food club has also made its way into the iconic premises. The place is brimming with history, and even though the restaurant is state-of-the-art, there's no doubt that the location is historic. Among the beautiful décor, you'll also find large copper beer tanks that add to the historical element. It's Madklubben's largest restaurant to date, but it still feels intimate.

Madklubben also honours the history that came with the premises and has included Carlsberg in many of their dishes and drinks. For example, the bread is baked with worms from the beer production. You'll also find beer in several places in the food. For lunch, you can get a variety of open sandwiches, and in the evening, you will be able to get a three-course menu that you can either put together yourself or choose from the set menus. Either way, you definitely won't leave hungry.

Even though the restaurant is located in the old Carlsberg breweries, Madklubben Home of Carlsberg still has a house brewer who, together with the Carlsberg laboratory, brews Jacobsen beer. You will, therefore, be able to find a large and thoughtful selection of different beers and even get a tasting experience with your food.

The Home of Carlsberg food club is a complete experience, whether you're into beer or not. The beautiful premises and the great food in the iconic surroundings make for an extraordinary overall experience.

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