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Mint Records

Mint Records is a shop in Frederiksberg that sells, trades and buys records, CDs, comics, games and much more.

There's something special about stepping into Mint Records, where both new and previously owned items have their temporary home. With over 15,000 CDs and 20,000 LPs, each tells a story that you can take home and explore for yourself. There's also comics, games, films and turntables, so there's something for everyone.

Mint Records doesn't have a particular style they focus on, so whether you're into pop music, heavy metal or classical, you're sure to find something to your heart's content. You can also just take a chance and buy something in a style you're not familiar with yet!

A trip to Mint Records can easily take hours, as it's an experience in itself to run your fingers over the many different items. However, you can always give them a call beforehand to see if they have specifically what you're looking for in stock. It's also possible to sell your items in the store and pass on what you've loved to new people.

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