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Mirabelle Spiseria

Mirabelle Spiserìa is an all-day Sicilian eatery and wine bar in the old Mirabelle bakery space on Guldbergsgade.

The bakery days are not completely forgotten at Spiserìa, which still serves classic Copenhagen breakfast a la sourdough bun with butter and cheese. But you can also drop by for lunch or dinner and enjoy a delicious a la carte menu, an exciting mix of traditional Sicilian dishes and Nordic cuisine.

The man behind the restaurant is former noma sous-chef and owner of the restaurants Relæ and Bæst, Christian Puglisi. He himself comes from Sicily and has long wanted to create something inspired by his southern roots. You can therefore expect to experience local dishes such as Arancini, granita and pasta of course, with inspiration from the rest of Italy and the Mediterranean

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