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Mosgaard Whisky and Gin


The distillery Mosgaard Whisky is situated in a scenic landscape on the south east side of the isle of fyn (Funen), built at a mansion like old farm with views of fields, apple plantations and the strait of Langeland.

Known for its high quality

While the whisky is still maturing in the barrels, the Mosgaard gin has already garnered a lot of praise both at home and abroad. It was no coincidence that the Mosgaard couple chose South Funen as the place where they would make their dream of setting up a distillery come true. Jes Mosgaard explains a bit about how it came about.
– The South Funen area is known for its quality ingredients. There are a lot of great producers here, and in recent years, tourists have started coming here in pursuit of culinary experiences for exactly that reason.
He himself benefits from having close relations to the area’s breweries, distilleries and wineries.
– There is a great network here of people facing the same challenges. We share knowledge, help each other out and go to conventions together.

The scenery affects the products

Networking and benefiting from a joint marketing effort are not the only advantages of setting up shop on South Funen. The scenery itself contributes to the production of both whisky and gin.
– The distillery’s location close to the coast is ideal for whisky maturation. It has something to do with the casks being stored in the right humidity, and the variations of the outdoor temperature is just about ideal. The local water has an impact as well. I’ve always thought there was something special about the water here on South Funen. It contains a lot of minerals, and adds a unique local quality to both gin and whisky, Jes Mosgaard says.

Guided tours

Visitors can go on a guided tour of the brewery, distillery, and cask storage, while tasting samples and learning more about the production.
– To the extent possible, we distill while we have visitors, enabling them to see, smell and taste the product at different stages of the process. So far, our collection consists of three types of organic gin. The whisky still has a few years of maturing to go. However, we did open the first small casks of Young Malt whisky, Jes Mosgaard reveals.

Opening hours and further information at www.mosgaardwhisky.dk

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