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The most beautiful walk to Frederiksborg Castle - Experience Hillerød's gem all year round

Summer, autumn, winter, or spring, no matter what the calendar shows, the walk along Slotssøen is the most beautiful route from Hillerød Station to a visit to Frederiksborg Castle and its extensive garden.

From the forecourt at Hillerød Station, cross Nordre Jernbanevej and continue down Vibekevej, Østergade, and Kannikegade to Hillerød Square. Here you are greeted by Frederick VII, who stands proudly on his pedestal, gazing out over his city and Frederiksborg Castle, where he lived with Countess Danner until the castle burned down in 1859.

Along the Lake Path to the Castle and back through the city

From the square, follow the Lake Path eastwards. From the lakeshore, there is a beautiful view over the water and the Baroque Garden, which gradually comes into view.

The castle can look completely different depending on the weather. On a sunny summer day, the castle is reflected in the lake. On an autumn day with mist and fog, only the spires and masonry are visible, and on a clear winter day with snow, it all looks like something out of a fairy tale.

Frederiksborg Castle stands majestically on three small islands in the middle of Slotssøen and is known as "the largest Renaissance complex in the Nordic countries" with its impressive buildings, beautiful Baroque Garden, and Castle Park.

Allow 2-3 hours to explore the castle and its gardens. On the return trip, walk along the beautiful new cobbled pedestrian street through Hillerød town centre to the square with the statue of Frederick VII. From here, it's the same route back to Hillerød Station.

Facts about the tour

  • Start: Hillerød Station
  • Length: 3.5 km
  • Surface: Asphalt, gravel, and cobblestones
  • Suitable for: Children and adults
  • Signposting: No
  • Toilets: Hillerød Station, Hillerød Square, Posen
  • Season: All year round

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