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The Museum on Fur

Fur Museum encompasses both natural and cultural history. Here you can experience world-class fossils and explore exhibitions on agriculture and fishing.

Fur Museum

Fur Museum is an exciting museum where the natural history of the area is combined with the island's cultural history. The museum is known, among other things, for its unique collection of fossils, but you can also experience the fisherman's farm, the stone park Geopark Danmark, and the silting harbor.

Exciting Exhibitions

"The Fossils Speak" is a special exhibition for 2024, consisting of a series of extremely well-preserved insect fossils. They are a window into the past when the climate, continents, and distribution of species in this part of the world were very different from today.

"The fantastic fossils of the moler" is an exhibition with the best from our unique collection of fossils from the moler. Here you can experience, among other things, fantastically preserved 55 million-year-old fish, birds, turtles, insects, and plants of international class, many of which are not known from other places in the world.

"The fisherman's farm" is the Fur Museum's local history exhibition, housed in a restored farm from 1856. Experience the development of agriculture or the daily life of fishermen from then until today. In the garden, there are tables and benches where you can enjoy your own food.

"The silting harbor" is an exhibition at the island's silting fishing harbor, which was in use until 1956. The net house tells about the harbor, the nature, and the Limfjord fishing. The nature trail offers the opportunity for a refreshing beach walk.

Throughout the year, Fur Museum offers activities, events, guided tours, and nature walks. Experience the museum and explore the exciting nature and history of Fur.

Opening hours and activities

You can see Fur Museums opening hours, contact and more here: The Museum of Fur

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