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Næsbyhoved Castle Ruin

Næsbyhoved Voldsted in Odense is a fascinating medieval castle site with a rich history. Visit the remnants of the castle, where Queen Christine held court in the 16th century, and enjoy the beautiful nature in Næsbyhoved Forest. Experience the deep moats and explore the paths by the old lakeshore. Perfect for history enthusiasts and nature lovers.

The Medieval Castle in the Forest

Until 1863, Næsbyhoved Lake, the second largest lake on the island of Funen, was located about 1 km north of Odense. On a peninsula extending from the lake's northern shore was Næsbyhoved Mound, where a royal castle was built in the early Middle Ages as part of the kingdom's defense. In the early 1500s, Queen Christine held court here, surrounded by up to 100 staff members, and engaged in extensive trade with the merchants and craftsmen of Odense. According to history, Queen Christine stayed on Funen while her husband, King Hans, remained in Copenhagen due to his open relationship with one of the queen's ladies-in-waiting, Edele Mikkelsdatter Jernskæg. Queen Christine's life is fascinating and could almost serve as the plot for an exciting thriller.

Today, one can see the remains of the old castle site behind Restaurant Næsbyhoved Skov, just 100 meters away. There are no ruins left of the castle, as it was destroyed during the Count's Feud in 1534, but the 10-meter-deep moats of the mound can truly spark the imagination. The mound holds great cultural and historical value, and the trees on the hill are therefore regularly trimmed.

Recreational Area

In the latter half of the 18th century and until the lake was drained, the citizens of Odense sought out Næsbyhoved Forest to enjoy the beautiful nature and fish in the remnants of the large lake. After a stroll, people often went to Fuglsanghuset, an inn by the dam between the castle mound and Fuglsangknolden. The house was demolished in 1998. During the world wars, residents of Odense flocked to Næsbyhoved Forest to watch theater performances on the mound, which served as an open-air theater with sets and an orchestra pit.

You can wander around the area on paths that lead along the old lakeshore. For example, a walk can start at Restaurant Næsbyhoved Skov.

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