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National Park of Royal North Zealand

With its breathtaking nature areas and unique cultural history, the National Park of Royal North Zealand is a treasure trove of experiences for nature lovers. The deep forests, large lakes and bogs, salt marshes and dunes invite you to a wealth of activities.

The numerous forest areas are perfect for day excursions or multi-day trips on the network of designated hiking and biking trails through the varying nature and landscapes.

And along the National Park's coastline, towards the Kattegat and the Øresund, there are opportunities for fishing, rowing in a sea kayak, stand up paddle or walking on the beaches, in the dunes or on the coastal cliffs.
The National Park is home to two of Denmark’s largest lakes.

Lake Esrum, the lake containing the most water in Denmark. Walking along the banks offers wonderful experiences. The rich birdlife, a stop at a barbecue or shelter area and views of Fredensborg with the avenues in the castle garden. A boat trip sails from the Fredensborg side over to a forest café by Dronningens Bøge.

Arresø is the largest lake in Denmark. The lake is a protected area for birds, and it is not unusual to see a sea eagle or fish hawk. A small lane runs almost the full length of the northeastern shore of Arresø, offering lovely views of the lake.

6 suggestions for excursions

1. Enjoy a walk-in beautiful Tisvilde Hegn, where you will find the remains of the abandoned village of Torup, which disappeared under a meter-thick layer of sand when large parts of the area were covered with flying sand in the 16th century.

2. At the tip of Arrenæs lies the small and charming harbour of Auderød. The place is a great starting point for kayaking trips and enjoying coffee by an open fire with beautiful views of Arresø from the shelter area.

3. Humlebæk is an idyllic fishing village nestled between Øresund and Babylone Skov. Enjoy a stroll down Gammel Strandvej with the well-kept thatched fisherman's houses, which have a front row location on the Øresund Eat your packed lunch at the picnic tables and benches at the harbour.

4. Rusland is a beautiful undulating and protected heathland landscape at Dronningmølle, with heather, juniper and pine trees. The hills offer a magnificent view of the Kattegat.

5. Par force hunting with a mobile phone is a game where you have to hunt for clues that can lead you to the red deer, exactly like it was in the 1700s. Download the app Useeum, find the game under 'NATUR'. Start at the car park at Kildeportvej. The walk is about 2 km and takes just under an hour. The game is suitable for children aged 9-14, but grown-ups can play too.

6. In spring and autumn, the sky over the National Park is filled with small birds and birds of prey migrating between Central Europe and Scandinavia. Gilbjerg Hoved and the beaches at Nivå, Arrenæs and Skansebakken are great places for spotting the birds.

Did you know that the National Park of Royal North Zealand ...

• Is the second largest national park in Denmark and covers an area of 263 km²?
• Has Denmark's largest wild population of fallow deer?
• Includes Holløse Bredning, which is home to a population of beavers?

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