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New year on Langeland

When the old year comes to an end and a new one is welcomed, both young and old come together in warm-hearted communities.

New Year's celebration at Langeland: Communities, taste experiences and spectacular night sky!

New Year's Eve at Langeland is not only about the big firework show, but also about gathering in warm-hearted communities. Large and small groups enjoy themselves together, share meals and create memories that warm well into the new year.

Sparkling starry sky or spectacular fireworks in the dark night sky: When night falls and the sky becomes dark, a fantastic opportunity opens up to experience lots of stars in the dark sky above Langeland. If you or your pets are not into fireworks and noise, we offer B.a. Feriepark Langeland stay without gunpowder. In the cities, the locals gather and enjoy the view of beautiful rockets and fireworks in the sky.

Overview: New Year's Eve at Langeland 2023

New Year's take-away

Café Haven

Restaurant Generalen

Restaurant Kaos

Charlottes Køkken

Ostehuset Rudkøbing


An evening out

Broløkke Herregård

Nytårs Taffel ved No. 10 (1 PM - 4 PM)

Let's welcome the new year together at Langeland - where tradition, coziness and spectacular fireworks unite in an unforgettable party!

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