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Night in Nature with Langeland's Diving Club

Presentation on underwater hunting and campfire food

Underwater hunting and bonfire

Spearfishing is a sustainable fishing method as it allows selective fishing. At the same time, the experience of catching your own prey and being one with nature is good for both body and soul.

Especially in the dark, UV hunting is a unique experience. Here, hunting is not done with a harpoon, but with other tools, e.g. loop (which looks a bit like a lasso).

Experienced underwater hunters have been on an evening dive and gather after the dive for communal dining and cozying up by the fire. Here you can hear the UV hunters talk about the prey, how it is filleted and prepared, catching techniques, equipment, about underwater hunting as a sport in the club and the inventor of the fishing lasso "Fishloop", Samuel Bering, offers useful tips and tricks. 

The event takes place several times.

  • the 21th of June
  • the 16th of August
  • the 30th of August 
  • the 7th of September
  • the 4th of October

It costs DKK 100 to participate

The final location for the event in Sydlangeland will be announced by email to registered participants the week leading up to the event. An underwater hunter never reveals his favorite spot in public :)

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