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Nordsee Holidays

At Nordsee Holidays you can find more than 3000 holiday homes in Denmark's best holiday areas

Nordsee Holidays is where you'll find true North Sea holidays. Nordsee Holidays is more than just a booking portal. Nordsee Holidays is also a collaboration between locally owned and locally based agencies that share experience and knowledge for the benefit of guests. By booking a holiday home on the West Coast on the Nordsee Holidays booking portal, you are sure to book with an agency where local knowledge, local roots and high service are top priorities. 

At Nordsee Holidays we are pleased to offer you holiday homes in the most fantastic and highly sought-after holiday areas on the West Coast: Fanø, Blåvand, Vejers Strand, Henne Strand, Hvidbjerg Strand, Søndervig, Vejlby Klit, Limfjorden, Løkken and Skagen. In each of these locations on the Danish West Coast, you'll find a number of holiday areas where you can book your own personalised holiday in Denmark and feel at home. Each of our holiday resorts has a number of beautiful sights, experiences and cultural highlights to offer for your North Sea holiday in Denmark. It's an ideal type of holiday where relaxation is definitely at the centre.

The portal is a collaboration between Feriekompagniet, Die "hyggelige" Dänen, Axelgaard, Ehuse, Hvidbjerg Strand Feriepark, Vejers Strand Camping SJ Feriehusudlejning, Løkken by Sommerhuse, Danibo, Toppen af Danmark and Ebeltoft Feriehusudlejning. They have created a holiday portal that makes it easy for seafaring guests to holiday with the wild and wonderful North Sea as their neighbour.

Book your next stay through Nordsee Holidays - it's easy, it's local and it's holiday memories for life.


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