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Nørre Vosborg Manor House - The Park

The park at Nørre Vosborg by Vemb is a fairy-tale world in which centuries of growth continues to give it the atmosphere that Hans Christian Andersen described already in 1859 during his visit here. He wrote in his diary on July 6, 1859: 

“We went to the garden, that is a thicket, old, as if it had not been aired“.

In addition, there are three hiking trails where there is plenty opportunity to "get wind in the hair".

The three trails are 1.6 km (yellow), barely 3 km (blue) and barely 5 km (red). The trails can be uneven in certain places. The paths lead through the beech forest and the oak forest, and the longest trail along Storå and around Nørre Vosborg.

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