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North Sea Aquarium

The North Sea Aquarium is a zoo in North Jutland, where you have the opportunity to get up close to life beneath the sea surface.

In their zoo, you can gain a unique insight into the exciting and rare fish species from the North Sea, as well as more common fish such as cod, plaice, flounder, eels, and turbot.

Zoo with touch pools It's not just meant to be beautiful, but also fun and educational to visit their zoo. Therefore, they have, among other things, touch pools at child height, where there is the opportunity to touch various fish, including sharks.

Aquarium zoo with plenty of fish They founded their zoo back in 1980, and slowly more and more fish were added, brought in by local fishermen. Today, they can offer about 70 different fish species, providing you with a rare insight into the fascinating reality of the sea.

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