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Nr Nissum mini brewery

Very close to the highest hill of Nr. Nissum, with a view of the Limfjord and Thy, live Hanne and Jens Bjørling Grøn, and this is where he brews his beer.

Mini brewery is exactly what it is!

Nr Nissum mini brewery - not Nr. Nissum Brewery - because handcrafted is exactly what it is! Here you won't find huge boiling kettles that can hold several thousand liters at a time, nor smart bottling and labeling machines, and there are no huge cooling systems and large storage buildings either - no, here you'll find Jens, standing by his small setup, which has a brewing capacity of 150 liters per batch, a couple of large refrigerators, and out by the gable stands a container used for storage. Bottling and labeling are done by hand.

About twice a week, Jens starts up his small brewing system and brews 2 of the total 20 varieties found in the fixed assortment. It amounts to 150 liters per batch, and about 5 weeks later, the beer is bottled. In a year, it adds up to about 20,000 bottles and some draft beer, and there are no big plans to expand production.

In fact, it's the Roma School, a place for individuals with special needs, that makes the wooden crates used by Nr. Nissum Handcrafted as beer cases.

Space for play

Even though there are 18 varieties of beer in the fixed assortment and no plans for expansion, it doesn't mean that in what is probably Denmark's smallest commercial brewery, other beer varieties aren't made. In addition to the 18 fixed beer varieties available year-round, seasonal beers like Grøn Jul (Green Christmas) and Påskeblond (Easter Blonde) are also brewed.

More than a brewery

But Nr. Nissum Handcrafted can do much more than just make good and tasty beer. The small farm shop, where Jens' own beers are naturally sold, also contains many other delicious specialties. Jens and Hanne, "his new wife", also run Bed and Breakfast in 2 guest cabins and a luxury shelter. Jens enjoys hosting brewing experiences, and here it's a big hit to combine it with overnight stays and relaxation in the beautiful and cozy "relaxation area", with a hot tub established at the bottom of the garden by a small lake.

There's also room for 30 camping units.

From spring 2019, Jens was the sole operator of Nr Nissum Handcrafted, but in spring 2022, he met Hanne, whom he is now married to, and they run Nr Nissum Handcrafted together.

Nr. Nissum Handcrafted and everything surrounding it were built by enthusiasts, and Jens took the leap in 2017 to become self-employed and live off his hobby.

(Text by: Søren Thaysen Olesen. Partially edited by Jens Bjørling Grøn)

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You can read more about Nr Nissum mini brewery on their website: Nr Nissum mini brewery

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