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Ølgod Byskov

Whether you want to walk a dog in the dog forest, follow a well-designed track on the mountain bike trail, take a poetic tour of Hanssinelund, learn about the creation of the forest on the History Path [Historiestien] or just follow nature's own paths, Ølgod Byskov bids you welcomes!

In Ølgod, you have access to 75 hectares of forest right on the edge of town—hence the name Ølgod Byskov [Town Forest]. The exciting plantation originated in 1882,  exclusively with mountain pine. The plantation's purpose was primarily to provide shelter to the town and ensure that the inland dunes on the plantation did not become subject to drifting sand, i.e. 'wandering dunes'. Since then, the plantation has developed into a varied forest with different types of trees, with almost no mountain pine left.

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