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OneCollection & Finn Juhl - Exhibition at Ringkøbing Museum

West Jutland may seem far away from Copenhagen, from fashion and from innovation. But by Ringkøbing Fjord, not far from the roaring North Sea, some of Danish design's greatest icons are produced. Here, where the houses may be far apart but the people are not, you'll find the headquarters of OneCollection - also known as the company behind the House of Finn Juhl brand. You can find out how Finn Juhl's furniture ended up in Ringkøbing in the exhibition ‘OneCollection & Finn Juhl’ at Ringkøbing Museum. The exhibition is a collaboration between Ringkøbing Fjord Museums and OneCollection.

One of the grand old men of Danish design

Finn Juhl was born on the 30th of January 1912 in Frederiksberg. And while his contemporaries, such as Børge Mogensen and Mogens Koch, built their designs around the principles of their teacher Kaare Klint, Finn Juhl went his own way and his furniture speaks its own idiom.

In the 1940s and 1950s, his furniture was criticised - especially by colleagues in the industry - but despite this, it was Finn Juhl and his furniture that helped spread Danish design or Danish Modern to the whole world. Among other things, he decorated the Trusteeship Council Chamber at the UN headquarters in New York in 1952.

OneCollection and Finn Juhl

While Finn Juhl's own history centres on North Zealand, Copenhagen and New York, the history of his furniture is drawn to West Jutland. In 2001, the men behind OneCollection, Ivan Hansen and Hans Henrik Sørensen, were officially handed the exclusive rights to produce Finn Juhl's iconic furniture - including the Pelikan chair, which was first put into production in 2001. Finn Juhl's timeless designs are now sold in more than 50 countries. In the new exhibition at Ringkøbing Museum, the two stories meet. Based in West Jutland, but with a view of the whole world. Here the North Sea meets Japan, the West Wind blows in new winds from New York and the UN building, and the stories of OneCollection and Finn Juhl unfold and merge.

This new exhibition features more of Finn Juhl's iconic furniture - from very early productions to the latest OneCollection creations that you can both touch and sit in. There's also a sensory experience awaiting you, where sound, images and other sensory impressions take you on a journey into the OneCollection.

You can also look forward to experiencing the photographer Mingo's beautiful photo art, which brings together the threads and unites West Jutland, OneCollection and Finn Juhl.

Price: Adults: DKK 75. Children and young people 0-17 have free admission.

Access: The exhibition is on the 1st floor of the museum and is only accessible via stairs.

Opening hours: See the museum's current opening hours at www.ringkobingmuseum.dk 

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