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Photo: Oscar Biludlejning
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Skallegårdsvej 3

4700 Næstved



Téléphone:+ 45 4290 9048

Hire a car for your stay in Næstved at Oscar. Oscar is the cheapest car rental company in Denmark, with prices starting at just 249 DKK per day – but our service and our cars are still great! We even offer 100 km free of charge for each day you rent a car, and insurances are included in the price.

We sadly don’t have an English website, but we are happy to help you book a car over the phone at +45 42 90 90 48, or by mail: info@hejoscar.dk. We at Oscar are looking forward to seeing you in Næstved!

Rental stations on South Zealand:

We have more than 75 rental stations in Denmark, which means that you will also be able to find us in Vordingborg:

Oscar Vordingborg


Skallegårdsvej 3

4700 Næstved

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