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Palmarès Bike Café

Palmarès bike café is more than just a coffee shop. It combines the best of two worlds: cycling and great coffee.

Cycling is the focal point of the small café in Nordhavn, which is also evident in the name Palmarès, which, in case you didn't know, is cycling lingo for "a rider's accomplishments in professional cycling".

This rider's accomplishments started as a simple dream of a hub for cycling training, cycling enthusiasts and good coffee. The dream became reality in 2020, when Palmarès opened their bike café in Nordhavn, where the concept is a combined bike shop/workshop and café. The purpose of the bike café is not only to be a meeting place where you, as a cyclist or cycling enthusiast, can come and meet other like-minded people, get cycling tips and tricks and buy new cycling equipment, but also where you, who are not particularly interested in bikes, can take a well deserved rest with a really good cup of coffee. 

The café is divided into two halves: one half is a classic café with good coffee, croissants and everything that goes with a successful café experience. The other half serves as a combined shop and workshop, with bikes hanging from the ceiling and the boys tinkering with their bikes. In the shop you can find cycling clothing from well-known cycling brands such as Black Sheep Cycling and Castelli, as well as cycling equipment from brands such as Wahoo, Continental, SPATZ, Kask and others.

High quality poructs is important to Palmarès - also when it comes to coffee. In collaboration with Risteriet, they have created their very own coffee "Palmarès Organic Blend", so they can serve coffee that matches the quality of everything else they do.

Throughout the year, Palmarès organises various events in the store. These can be anything from lectures on cycling training, diet, aerodynamics or new and exciting cycling equipment to a Friday bar that caters to those who want a cosy place to enjoy their after-work beer or drinks.

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