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Pandekagehuset Kvie Sø

Pandekagehuset Kvie Sø is a family restaurant specialising in homemade Dutch food pancakes with delicious fillings. On the cosy terrace overlooking the lake, you can taste Belgian beer or enjoy a cup of coffee with homemade cake.

By Kvie Lake close to Ansager is the cosy pancake house.
Here you will find a family restaurant offering delicious homemade Dutch food pancakes and Belgian beers. The pancakes come with a variety of exciting fillings and there's something for everyone with over 50 different pancakes on the menu.

They are primarily food pancakes with meat and vegetable fillings, but of course there are also dessert pancakes for the sweet tooth. At Pandekagehuset, they believe that pancakes and beer go really well together. For this reason, Pandekagehuset has no less than 48 different Belgian beers on the menu, and they always endeavour to serve the beers in original glasses to provide the best experience.

Pandekagehuset has a large terrace down to Kvie Lake, where you can enjoy your pancakes, beer or a cup of coffee with delicious homemade pastries. Here you might be lucky enough to meet the restaurant's peacocks.
For the restaurant's youngest guests, there are plenty of opportunities to play in the playground in front of the pancake house, or if the weather is not so good, in the indoor playground.

At Pandekagehuset ved Kvie Sø you will have a wonderful experience near beautiful nature with your loved ones. You will experience smiling staff who are ready to provide you with top-notch service.

After your visit to Pandekagehuset, a brisk walk around Kvie Lake is an obvious choice. There are three routes to choose from. The shortest forest path around the lake is 2.3 kilometres long.

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