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Planet path Fjerritslev - Kollerup Strand

In the square Kirkepladsen at Fjerritslev you will find a remarkable sun sculpture, which is the starting point for the Planet Path towards the beach at Kollerup.

When following the individual planets along the path you will have an excellent impression of the proportions and distances in the solar system.

Next to the Sun there is a small sundial built around a model of the parabola sand dune west of Klim Bjerg.

The Planet Path is a model of our own solar system, in which all distances and proportions have been reduced more than one thousand million times compared to reality.

Consequently, it is easier to understand the enormous distances in the Universe.

In the model e.g. the Sun is a ball of 1.4 m, and the Earth is a ball a hundred times smaller, placed at a distance of 150 m from the Sun.

In the model, Proxima Centauri, the nearest Star, should be placed approx. 40.000 km away, corresponding to a trip around the world.

The starting point for the trip is the Sun in the square Kirkepladsen. You will find the planets piling up by following Brøndumvej towards north. On the beach at Kollerup next to the immensely large sea you will find the outermost planet Pluto, 5.9 km from Fjerritslev.

The light from the Sun reaches Pluto in 4-7 hours at a speed of 300.000 km every second.

Walking with breaks will take you a little less than 2 hours, that is several times faster than the light!

You are welcome to fetch the brochure at VisitJammerbugten Tourist Office at Fjerritslev, Brovst and Blokhus.

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