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Rathlousdal Manor

Manor in Odder in beautiful nature

The many manors around Odder are a part of the local identity. This manor is found only a short hike from the city centre but well-shielded from the activity of the city, surrounded by old forests. Rathlousdal has an interesting history and has seen several charismatic estate owners.


The history of Rathlousdal – in short

Rathlousdal dates back to 1570 when the farm Loverstrup was rebuilt into a manor. A few years later it was taken over by the Danish king and became a part of the Aakær estate. The Steward of the Realm in Denmark, Joachim Gersdorff, was given Rathlousdal and much other land in the Odder area after losing land In Sweden. He died shortly after. His widow Margrethe Gersdorff married Gregorius Rathlou. The manor was then owned by the Rathlou family for 300 years until 1961 – hence the name Rathlousdal.

The Rathlou era was characterized by several estate owners with colourful personalities. One of these was prime minister Joachim-Otto Schack Rathlou. Another was Emil von Holstein-Rathlou whose interest in exotic animals made him open a free zoo in Rathlousdal Forest. You can still visit the old bear cave in the forest close to the manor. The bears are long gone, though.

Rathlousdal consists of four beautiful, yellow buildings.


Go for a walk in the old forests

The forests around Rathlousdal are a popular excursion point for citizens in the local area. You can see the manor while hiking in the area. Rathlousdal is private and closed to the public, so keep your distance and respect their privacy.

It is popular for families with children to go to the bear cave in Rathlousdal Forest, and there are several monuments and interesting places in the park-like forest that tell a story about the place.

If you are in the mood a longer hike, you can combine Rathlousdal Forest with Vejlskoven Forest which is found on the other side of Kongshusvej.

On this digital map you can follow routes in the two forests and see suggestions for parking.


Other historic buildings in the local area

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