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Rembrandt Reunited - Perhaps Nivaagaard's Rembrandt has a companion

Two portraits, painted by Rembrandt at the same time and originally part of the same private collection, are now the focus of researchers' interest. View the portraits and discover if there is a connection as they are united for the first time in 223 years in the exhibition 'Rembrandt Reunited' at Nivaagaard's Painting Collection.

See the two Rembrandts that may belong together

The portraits were painted simultaneously and belonged to the same private collection. Currently, a research team is actively investigating whether they are related.

Nivaagaard's painting collection has been exclusively allowed to borrow Rembrandt's Portrait of a 40-Year-Old Man from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. You can see it in the exhibition alongside Nivaagaard's own Rembrandt painting, Portrait of a 39-Year-Old Woman.

It is the first time in 223 years that the two works can be experienced together.

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Did Rembrandt paint a man and a woman?

One of Nivaagaard's Painting Collection's most valuable works is undoubtedly Portrait of a 39-Year-Old Woman, painted by Rembrandt in 1632. The painting depicts a woman in a ruffled collar and black dress, looking out at the viewer against a black background. In her hand, she holds a small Bible, and a gentle smile appears around her mouth.

In art circles, there have been speculations for many years about whether Nivaagaard's painting was created as a standalone piece or whether it actually belongs with another Rembrandt painting, namely Portrait of a 40-Year-Old Man. Here, a man looks out at the viewer wearing a ruffled collar against a black background.

The research group will provide the answer

The Rembrandt exhibition at Nivaagaard's Painting Collection begins with a research seminar where Rembrandt experts will compare the two works and offer their insights into whether they are connected.

When you visit the exhibition, you will get the answer.

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