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Restaurant and Brewery Købmandsgården

Visit Købmandsgården in Gedser, which has both a brewery and a restaurant.

When you step into the cozy premises of Købmandsgården, you are transported back through history. With its original surroundings and local goods, you are well taken care of.

Købmandsgården houses both a restaurant and LF Brewery, Gedser's local microbrewery. At Købmandsgården, you can enjoy beer from the brewery on tap or as a tasting board. Additionally, you can taste delicious dishes prepared with the beer.

Local produce and goods are a priority at Købmandsgården, and this extends to the art on the walls, which is by local artists and features local motifs. Local crafts can also be purchased in the shop.

Tours can be arranged with the brewer and owner, Flemming Friedstrup Lind. He is happy to share the story of the brewery, the brewing process, the old Købmandsgård, and Gedser.

During the day, Købmandsgården also serves as an information point and café, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of local beer/wine while finding information about local attractions and experiences. You will be enriched by a visit to Købmandsgården in Gedser.

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