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Restaurant Bagenkop Kro - delicious fish buffet

Bagenkop Kro on the southern tip of Langeland is known and loved for its large fish buffet.
If you want a seat - remember to book a table!

Come and have an experience at Bagenkop Kro.

The fish buffet is served from 18.00 and contains i.a.

  • hot smoked salmon with birches & spices
  • smoked butter fish with horseradish cream
  • squid rings and baked shrimp
  • smoked and steamed mussels
  • pan-fried fish fillets
  • tiger prawns and crayfish as well as crab bisque.


The inn also offers various party menus. Friday and Saturday, fried dishes and accessories are served.

Atmosphere, cosiness and good food - it's Bagenkop kro!


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