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Restaurant Lolles Gaard

Welcome to Restaurant Lolles Gaard in Nyord - one of the island's historic gems that brings grandma's coziness to life.

Our restaurant is more than just a dining spot; it's a place that evokes the feeling of home and heartfelt warmth. Get lost in our charming garden where you can savor handcrafted coffee and homemade delights. Surrounded by Nyord's tranquil calmness, this is the perfect spot to immerse yourself in the island's atmosphere.

Indulge in our authentic Danish lunch and dinner dishes paired with a wide array of local beverages. And most importantly, bring the whole family - including your four-legged pals! Let us immortalize your dog in Lolles Gaard's "Dog Hall of Fame Gallery" with a memorable picture.

Look forward to a memorable taste experience and a warm welcome at Restaurant Lolles Gaard.

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