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RHANDERS by Randers Handsker Aarhus

In Aarhus, you can experience a unique store, beautiful designs and one of Denmark's oldest brands. At RHANDERS by Randers Handsker you can discover gloves of the best quality along with bags, belts and much more.

In 1811 RHANDERS was founded on centuries of glove-making traditions in Randers. In the 18th century, the glove trade occupied more than one-fifth of the inhabitants in Randers, the French queen Marie-Antoinette slept wearing gloves from Randers due to their smell and ability to keep her hands soft, and a very special plant played a large part in the popularity of the gloves among royals and connaisseurs, and today RHANDERS is purveyor to the Royal Danish Court.

A unique store experience

Visit the store in Volden 4, Aarhus and experience all the amazing designs. Emerge yourself into RHANDERS' special signature colour, which makes the store unique. The delicate mint colour is and has been the colour backdrop of Randers Handskefabrik for centuries: the interior and the glove-making tool were painted in this special colour. And now all their stores are wrapped in this beautiful colour.

Made in Denmark

Since the founding in 1811, RHANDERS has been famous for leather gloves of the highest quality, and as the oldest still-existing trademark in Denmark and the only glove atelier left in Northern Europe, they honour their craftsmanship traditions. Therefore a large part of their collection is made by hand at their atelier in the city of Randers, just north of Aarhus, ensuring that the almost forgotten craft of glove-making is kept alive and taught to new generations.

Visit RHANDERS at Volden 4, and experience the historic brand and the unrivalled quality.

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