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120 km with 1500 metres of total altitude. The Ritter-Ruten (Ritter Route) is Danish TV sports commentator Dennis Ritter’s recommendation for an excellent 120-km cycling route around the valley of Vejle Ådal and Vejle Inlet – a route he has developed with the help of the local citizens of Vejle Municipality.

The route gives preference to scenic landscapes and historical points of interest. And since it is located in Vejle, there are also tough hill climbs. The route passes the following attractions: the Jelling Monuments, Vejle Inlet and Munkebjerg, Kiddesvej, Bindeballe merchant museum, Tørskind Bakke, the barrow of the Egtved Girl, Ravning Bridge and Fandensdal, the Ancient Road (Hærvejen) and Randbøldal, the Engelsholm Lake and castle, the lake of Fårup Sø and Haraldskær Manor. Furthermore, by popular demand, the route runs very close by the towns of Børkop, Egtved, Jelling and Vejle so that cyclist can start the route from different locations and to allow the Bindeballestien (regional route 36) and the new bike super route to be included in the route.

If you would like to skip the hill climbs of Kiddesvej, simply turn left at Koldingvej and follow Ribe Landevej along the wetlands of Kongens Kær.

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