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Røntved's Art & Gallery

Visit Røntveds Art Craft – a beautiful Galley and Sculpture Garden

Røntveds Art Craft

In this beautiful landscape, surrounded by cornfields, you will find a cosy gallery, cafe’, and a sculpture garden at Røntveds Art Craft.

In the gallery they exhibit and sell their work in both ceramic, glass, bronze, and granite. In ceramic they make beautiful sculptures and useful art, in glass you will find different sculptures, and in bronze and granite they make mostly different sculptures.

In their wonderful sculpture garden, which is like a small forest, you will also find different sculptures – a mix of their own and other artists sculptures, as for instance Erik Heide. These sculptures are placed in the different corners and areas in the garden.

The gallery has a small café, where you can buy a cup of coffee and enjoy in the gallery, the gallery’s terrace or in the sculpture garden.

From the 1th of May to the 1th of September, it costs 60 DKK to enter the garden.

For more information

You can read more about Røntveds Kunsthåndværk on their homepage (in Danish) and buy some of their products in their webshop: Røntveds Kunsthåndværk

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