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Rosenvold Castle

At Vejle Fjord, near the quaint summer oasis Rosenvold harbour, stands this architecturally beautiful Renaissance castle from the 16th century. The castle is privately owned and not open to the public, but it can be viewed from Rosenvoldvej, not far from Rosenvold beach.

Renaissance Castle in Beautiful Surroundings

Rosenvold is a popular, yet tranquil destination nestled in an opening within a wooded area at the entrance to Vejle Fjord. Tucked away from the area's beach and marina, this ancient manor, with centuries of history, stands. The castle is not publicly accessible, and it is prohibited to enter the grounds. However, you can catch a glimpse of the highly distinctive building by following Rosenvoldvej from the harbour towards the east and around the corner where the road takes a turn.


The Historic Building

The main building of Rosenvold was constructed as far back as 1585, making it one of the oldest among the 30 manors in the Coastal Land. It stands out with its highly distinctive Renaissance-style architecture, reminiscent of a fortress, emphasizing the need of that time to protect against enemies, rebels, and robbers. The walls are made of large, red bricks, and two prominent towers with copper roofs can be seen at both ends of the elongated building. Surrounding the main building are farm buildings and a moat, which today forms a pond.


The Manor's History - with a Royal twist

In the mid-1500s, Holger Rosenkrantz owned two manors - Boller Castle near Horsens and Staksevold, located very close to Rosenvold's current location. His widow, Karen Gyldenstjerne, decided to demolish Staksevold and build Rosenvold in its place, which then became subordinate to Boller. The ruins of Staksevold can still be seen in the nearby Staksrode Forest, one kilometer from Rosenvold. Boller and Rosenvold were later sold to Ellen Marsvin and transferred to her daughter Kirsten Munk, who was married to none other than King Christian IV of Denmark. However, Kirsten Munk's unfortunate tendency for infidelity led the king to force her to leave the court and their 12 children. She was sent into exile and placed under house arrest in the more “humble" confines of Rosenvold Castle and Boller Castle.

After Kirsten Munk's death, Rosenvold and Boller were divided, and Rosenvold was sold to Henrik Rantzau. To this day, 400 years later, Rosenvold is still in the hands of the Rantzau family and is now owned by Carl Johan Ulrik Count Rantzau.


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Explore Vejle Fjord

We highly recommend combining your visit to Rosenvold with a hike in Staksrode Forest, where you can see the remains of Rosenvold's predecessor, Staksevold. You might also consider visiting the aforementioned Boller Castle, with its beautiful public castle park.

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