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Ry Nymølle

The beautiful old Dutch gallery mill, Ry Nymølle, is located in the heart of Ry. The mill was built in 1881 as a grain mill when the old Rye Mølle, located by the Gudenå River, discontinued grain milling in favor of paper production.

Ry Nymølle was built by miller Andersen. In 1904, a sawmill was established in connection with the mill, and there was also a feed store associated with it.

Until 1929, Ry Nymølle was operated by wind power. In 1929, a 36 HP Nias motor was installed in the mill, which could power both the mill and the sawmill.

Ry Nymølle operated as a mill until 1977, after which the mill was renovated and used as an architectural firm until 2004.

A Boyhood Dream

Since 2004, Ry Nymølle has been privately owned. The owner, Benny Sølvsten, who was born and raised in Ry, fell in love with the mill as a child when he would ride to the mill in a horse-drawn wagon to fetch feed for his chickens. After taking ownership in 2004, Benny Sølvsten subjected the mill to a major renovation both externally and internally. In 2008, he moved into the main building, where he still resides.

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