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Sauna Rudkøbing

Saunagus at the bathing centre three times a week; Tuesday 18:30, Wednesday 15:00 and Friday 16:30.

Sauna at Rudkøbing Badeanstalt

3 rounds of gus of 12-14 min, with a selection of wonderful essential oils/herbs and lovely music. The sea at the town's beautiful harbour baths offers a cooling dip between the 3 rounds of gus.

Saunagus is loving self-indulgence with lots of health-promoting properties. Saunagus de-stresses and calms the nervous system. Saunagus softens sore muscles, strengthens the circulation and cleanses the skin.

Bring with you


2 towels, 1 large towel to sit on in the sauna and one to dry yourself off.

Water bottle and drinking water

Possibly a bathrobe

Bathing shoes/ flip-flops, if applicable

The sauna is located close to Rudkøbing Badeanstalt, which has excellent access to the sea. There is also access to a simple shelter for changing clothes.

Dress code

Swimwear required (i.e. women must wear a top and bottom and men must wear a bottom)

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