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Shelter: Frejas Gård, near the Jels Open air scene

Frejas Gård is three shelters there has the perfect view over the lake Jels Nedersø.

The shelters are built in connection to the open air Viking play for their use. In the weeks 26-29 the actors from the Viking pageant have sole access to the shelters. The rest of the year the shelters are free to use and there is no booking system.

In Jels you can find local supermarkets and places to eat.

Not so far from the shelters you can find a barbeque places, table and benches placed under a roof. This area is named ‘Ormegården’ and can be booked by sending an e-mail to info@jelsvikingespil.dk.
Now you just have to bring your own grill briquettes and enjoy your stay.  

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