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Shelter on Waldeck

Shelter accommodation at Waldeck in Kollund Østerskov, with campfire site, toilet, and drinking water.

Shelter space at Waldeck, 50 meters from the Gendarme Path, 200 meters from the Flensburg Fjord.

It was on this beautiful plot in the forest, also known as Dyrehaven, that Captain Stallknecht built Waldeck in 1880. The Gendarme Path runs through the forest, as the Fjord Road was only established by hand in the crisis-ridden 1930s.

To allow others to enjoy the silence, tranquility, and joy of nature, we have created the shelter so you can experience nature's restoration in the best possible way.

Overnight stays in the shelter must be booked. It costs 100 DKK per person per night.

Please note:

• Maximum of two consecutive nights.
• Use of open fire is only allowed at the grill and campfire site.
• Firewood may be collected from the forest floor.
• Waste can be left in the trash container.
• Guests arriving by car can park in the courtyard.
• Dogs allowed by arrangement.

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