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Shelters on Rømø

Normally, it might not exactly be shelters that are the first thing that comes to mind when you consider staying overnight on Rømø. But nevertheless, there is also the option of spending the night that way on the popular holiday island.

In Havneby, close to Engvej and the island's former school and current labyrinth park, there is a shelter site where you can find the so-called Rømø Shelters. The shelter site is run by Rømø Local Council and consists of five large shelters with room for six people in each.

The shelters are located around a small fire hut on the shelter site, and there is a fire pit, but no access to firewood on site. Fifty meters away, however, there is both a toilet with access to water and a car park.

The shelters can be booked via "Book a shelter" and cost DKK 35 per person. person to rent for each individual night. Please note that the shelters are closed during the winter period.

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