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Skibet er ladet med Pelle

Thursday 31 October 2024 at 7.30 PM.

We look forward to welcoming you when Trine Gadeberg's lovable character and internet phenomenon, Pelle, aged five and a half years, makes a debut at MCH Herning Congress Center.

For years, Lille Pelle has enchanted the Danish revue scene, the internet and now the country roads with his comic portrayal of the world of adults from an innocent child's mind. In 2022, the character traveled around with his first 'one-child' show - The World according to Pelle - which took the halls and the more than 28,000 people who had secured tickets by storm. For more than 2 hours, Trine played all the characters from Pelle's world in a tour de force of a one-woman show. Because with almost 30 years in the industry, as one of the country's most used comedians and entertainers, self-made is well-made.

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