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Skjern Enge

The meadows Skjern Enge are located between Skjern and Tarm on the road from Borris to Ringkøbing Fjord. It is a 2,200 hectares large nature area dominated by meadows, wetlands and lakes as well as the rivers Skjern Å, Omme Å and Gundesbøl Å.

Skjern Enge constitutes the western part of the Skjern Å river valley – Denmark’s only delta. The area is owned by the state and managed by the Danish Nature Agency’s local forest district Oxbøl Statsskovdistrikt. You can enjoy the nature area in numerous ways - there are 26 parking areas nearby, most of them with lovely views, tables and benches. The area further offers bike and horse trails as well versatile hiking trails along the river.

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