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Skovsgaard’s Museums

Tractor- and Farm Machinery Exhibition, The Gentry and their Domestic Servants Museum plus Art Exhibitions.

Skovsgaard Manor houses several permanent exhibitions as well as temporary art and photo exhibitions in the impressive main building dating from 1889. The exhibitions provide ample opportunity to discover the old estate and its history.

Skovsgaard's history

Learn more about the history of Skovsgaard. "Meet" Miss Ellen Fuglede, who bequeathed Skovsgaard to the Danish Nature Foundation. Also see the exhibition about the large floating dock with prisoners of war that ran aground off Paø Strand in May 1945.

The life of the servants

Step back in time and experience life as a servant in the manor house.

In the exhibition in the main building, you can really experience the buzz of history. Experience the impressive living quarters, visit the steward's office and take a look at the old food lift that connected the servants working in the cellar with the manor house.

The exhibition in the cellar clearly shows the class differences in society at the time. Around 40 servants lived here in small and cold rooms, just a few metres from the kitchens where they spent most of their day.

The cellar stands in stark contrast to the first floor, where the gentlemen lived. Here is the room of Ellen Fuglede's mother, Thyra, with a dressing room, access to the tower room and a fantastic view of the moat of the estate.

Tractors and machines

In one of Skovsgaard's old barns, the "Foreningen Langeland Traktor- og Maskinsamling" exhibits tractors and agricultural machinery that represent a bygone era in the history of agriculture. The organisation also has a workshop where members restore and repair the old machines.

All of the machines on display have run in Denmark and are at least 40 years old.

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