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Slagter Laursen

In the center of Brædstrup, you can visit the town's butcher shop, which is much more than just large, juicy meat cuts and freshly sliced cold cuts. Here, you can also find takeaway options for your excursion in Bakkelandet.

Classic butcher shop in a modern time

Located on Bredgade, the central commercial street in Brædstrup, is the town's butcher shop. Master Butcher Carsten Laursen upholds the age-old traditions of the craft, immersing visitors in the nostalgia of the good old days when the butcher was a natural gathering place.

Whether you crave a pan-seared steak, a grilled pork feast, homemade cold cuts for your open-faced sandwich, a deli option for lunch, or simply a chat about cooking, you've come to the right place.

The passion of the master butchers for their craft shines through in the well-hung meat cuts, always carved from entire Danish pigs, cattle, and poultry.

The owners are renowned for their high quality and take pride in listening to and understanding their customers when they visit the butcher shop. Customers are also welcome to receive a piece of advice along the way.


Takeaway and to-go

Slagter Laursen is also the go-to place for a quick lunch on the go. In the displays, freshly made sandwiches and open-faced sandwiches are ready to be taken into town or enjoyed amidst the natural beauty of Bakkelandet. You can also purchase a tapas platter, perfect for a picnic outdoors, although this needs to be ordered in advance.

The store also offers a selection of pre-made dinner dishes, requiring only heating at home – a convenient option for those seeking a quick dinner with quality ingredients.

In the heated display, you'll find items such as fish fillets, meatballs, roast pork, sausages, and warm liver pâté.

The store also features a small selection of specialties.


Opening hours

Slagter Laursen is open Monday to Saturday, year-round. You can find the exact opening hours on the website.

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