Smag og Sans (Taste and Sense)

Photo: Hanne Mette Jensen
Local specialities
At Smag og Sans in Vemb Forsamlingshus you can taste organic, tasty and innovative food for events.

Kjærsvej 3

7570 Vemb


Téléphone:9732 1930

Mobile:2042 1418

Smag og sans is located in Vemb congregation house, both are owned by Hanne Mette Jensen. Hanne Mette is a self-taught enthusiast in the production of organic, tasty and innovative food.

Are you a group that visits the area, you can contact Hanne Mette in advance and make an appointment for dining on that occasion.

There are various cultural, art and food events in Vemb Forsamlingshus. Follow Smag og Sans' website.

Hanne Mette also supplies food for parties and events.


Kjærsvej 3

7570 Vemb

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