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Søegaards Wine house

Welcome to Søegaards Vinhus - a small cozy specialty shop in Adelgade, Skive, with atmosphere and quality goods on the shelves.

Søegaards Vinhus

Here, great emphasis is placed on details, both in terms of the interior and the assortment in the shop. They have preserved the cozy old grocery store, and you immediately sense the good atmosphere and smell of coffee when you step inside.

They have a wide selection of wines from around the world and a broad range of spirits. They carefully select each item on the shelf themselves – with care and dedication to our products. They also emphasize having local and Danish products on the shelves. This way, their products are unique, and they simultaneously support passionate people in the industry.

They are also happy to tell you about the wine, the different bottles of spirits, and the other products they have on the shelves.

Try their Søegaards coffee - the town's best coffee at the town's best price, where they grind it on their large coffee grinder before you take it home.

In the shop, they also have the town's largest selection of pipes and tobaccos.

Events in the shop

They hold many events both in the shop and outside. These include wine fairs at the Skive Theater, Gin Treasure Hunts, Rosé Festivals, rum tastings, gin tastings, whiskey tastings, gin bingo, and wine tastings.

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