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Experience the ultimate relaxation in the historic Sofiebad in Christianshavn

Sofiebadet dates back to 1909, when it was one of two Copenhagen bathing establishments where the working class, who did not yet have a bath at home, could come and get clean. Although Sofiebadet closed in 1997, there was a great desire from the residents of Christianhavn for it to be resurrected as a historical treasure. In 2000, Sofiebadet opened once again, and today, it is much more than just a place to take a bath. The beautiful rooms are well-preserved, making it both a wellness experience and a trip to a museum all in one when you stop by.

You can decide your own journey in Sofiebadet by combining bathtub, sauna, café, hammam, and massage. You can ‘just’ use the bath and sauna while you get into gear. For more pampering, you can enjoy a luxury spa holiday or try the popular hammam treatment, where your whole body is scrubbed and you get a gentle massage. There's something for all levels of need and price ranges, so take your pick.

There is also a café where you can buy refreshing drinks and snacks. You can come alone or in groups, and no matter the number, it's an intimate experience where your peace and well-being are in focus.

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