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Sønderby Beach

In As Vig Bay on the eastern coast of Jutland, lies this bathing beach in the summer house area of Sønderby. The beach has very good bathing water but limited facilities. It's rarely crowded with bathers and is a peaceful alternative to the other beaches in the bay.

Lovely bathing beach on the Juelsminde Peninsula

The beautiful bay of As Vig, facing the Kattegat, is a popular summer house area with several kilometers of contiguous beaches and good bathing conditions. The beaches are lined up like pearls on a string. Sønderby is the northernmost of the bay's beaches, offering a splendid view over the bay and As Hoved. Similar to the rest of the bay, the beach has sandy ground with limited stones. It's approximately 5-10 meters wide, with a small grassy area and tables/benches behind it for relaxation. There are no public toilets or commercial facilities like ice cream kiosks at Sønderby, but basic amenities such as a bathing jetty accessible in summer, life jackets, and trash bins are available.

Sønderby Strand does not have a designated bathing flag, but continuous water quality checks consistently rate it high, classified as 'excellent,' which is the highest certification for bathing water quality. If, unexpectedly, the water quality is contaminated and unsuitable for bathing, this information will be displayed at the beach.

The beach is located at the end of Niels Rasmussen's Vej. Please note that there isn't a public parking lot, only private parking available.


Visit Sønderby on a hiking tour

Sønderby Strand is situated on the popular hiking trail, the Coastal Path Snaptun-Juelsminde, connecting the two harbour towns. On this coastal path, you walk along the beach all the way through As Vig Bay.

You might not feel like covering the entire 22.5 kilometers of the Kyststien, but we recommend taking a stroll while you're at the beach. The winding beach is perfect for walking and offers a visual delight. If you follow the beach 1.5 kilometers south, you'll reach As Vig Beach. From there, you can head inland to reach the nearest shopping option in the area - a grocery store located 2 kilometers from Sønderby Strand. Continuing southward, you'll arrive at the beautiful wooded peninsula, As Hoved.

300 meters south of Sønderby Strand, you'll encounter a forest, ideal for short walks. Behind the forest lies the summer house area of Pøt Strandby.


Several beaches on the Juelsminde Peninsula

On this page, you can get an overview of beaches on the Juelsminde Peninsula and the rest of Kystlandet on the eastern coast of Jutland.

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