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Søsportens Hus by Silkeborg Langsø

Step into Søsportens Hus, the House of Sea Sports, at Silkeborg Langsø and open the door to a world of water activities. Here you can rent all the equipment you need for both windsurfing and SUP, as well as wetsuits, life jackets and paddles.

After a refreshing trip on the water, relax in the beautiful, newly built facilities and treat yourself to a hot bath, a fragrant cup of coffee and a cosy chat.

Water adventure awaits

From Søsportens Hus, perfect opportunities for a variety of trips open up. Explore the picturesque long lakes, go on an adventure to Ørnsø, take a long trip down the Gudenåen river or experience a true Silkeborg classic with the trip around the city centre. With almost always a suitable wind direction, there's adventure in store for every water lover.

Please note that Søsportens Hus may be reserved for courses and other events. Therefore, always check ahead of your planning to avoid any obstacles.

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