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Sportscenter Denmark, Wellness

At Vejen Sportcenter Denmark, you will find a nice and cozy wellness area with different types of pools in rooms with a relaxed atmosphere for all of the family. This is the place to go if all you want is to relax. Enjoy the spa and try the pool with a special combination of salt that makes your skin soft to the touch.

The hiking and bike tracks known as ‘Hærvejen’ is located right next to this combination of indoor and outdoor pools of poor wellness. Take a break here to regain strength for more days on the tracks.  

The outdoor area includes a pool, which follows the temperature of the sea around the island of Fanø. Next to that one, you will find a 32-degree warm pool. This is a perfect spot to relax during both sunshine and rain.

Inside you will find a pool of 36-degree warm water, which is perfect for the tired body after a long day of activities.
The wellness area includes three saunas and a cold-water tub. Any day of the week, you can enjoy a special treatment in the saunas, where an instructor will pour essential oils on the oven. This gives of steam and nice smells that leaves you refreshed in body and soul.  

What do I need to know?
The wellness area is open every day and is included in the ticket for the swimming pool. If you want to try the sauna experience with the essential oils there is an additional charge. Call in advance to get information about the schedule of the sauna experience.
The wellness area is open for all, and we ask that everyone contribute to the relaxed atmosphere.
It is possible to purchase swimwear and towels in the reception.
When purchasing the ticket you will receive a bracelet, which is also the key to your locker.

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