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Stauning Harbour

Stauning Harbor is one of the most idyllic small harbors at Ringkøbing Fjord. In the small fjord harbor on the east side of the fjord, life have a special connection with the nature. Here is a cozy environment and a relaxed atmosphere, which fits well with the music festival in the name of jazz, which gathers many people in the harbor area in August every year.

The fishing cabins

Stauning Harbour is characterized by a lively leisure environment around fishing and hunting, and in the inner part of the harbor there are the most picturesque little fishermen's cabins, which are subject to restrictive regulations on use and appearance. For example, only one living room may be furnished in each house - the rest must be used for fishing gear. The fjord has always played an important role in life here. In the reeds, you can walk right down to the water's edge with direct access to the natural areas at Skjern Å.

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