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The bridge Storstrømsbroen connects Masnedø on Zealand with Orehoved, Falster, and crosses the strait Storstrømmen, which gives the bridge its name. The construction of the bridge, which was designed by Anker Engelund, began in 1933 and was completed for opening on 26 September 1937. The inauguration was performed by King Christian X and took place on his birthday.

The 3,199-metre-long bridge was the longest bridge in Europe at the time, a record which was surpassed in 1985 when the bridges Farøbroerne were opened. The main span has a width of 136 metres and the central span is 26 metres high.

Storstrømsbroen is an arch bridge with three overlying steel arches, and the bridge is divided into 50 spans standing on a total of 51 piers. In addition to the roadway, the bridge has a railway track, as well as pedestrian and bicycle paths. In connection with its opening in 1937, the bridge replaced the former railway ferry service between Masnedø and Orehoved.

A new Storstrømsbro is expected to open in 2022 which will link Zealand and Falster via Masnedø, and which will be Denmark’s third largest bridge at 4,000 metres in length. Once the new bridge is completed, the existing bridge will be demolished.

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