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StoryHunt: Atelier Europa

Now you can go on an exciting audio tour where you will learn about the life and work of Aabenraa artist Franciska Clausen.

On the audio tour, you will follow in the footsteps of the artist through Aabenraa. There are five stories or sections, each highlighting a chapter of Franciska Clausen's (1899-1986) life.

You will, of course, see where Franciska Clausen was born and later died. Experience Aabenraa as it looked during Franciska Clausen's lifetime and rediscover a world-renowned artist who was ahead of her time with her avant-garde style and remains relevant today.

The tour starts at the Old Town Hall at Storegade 30 in Aabenraa and follows a route of about one and a half kilometers, ending at Kilen, where a new museum will be built in a few years, which will exhibit Franciska Clausen's works, among others.

The audio tour is a dramatized narrative based on facts but uses fictional elements. It is narrated by Danish actresses Sonja Richter, portraying Franciska Clausen, and Charlotte Munck, who gives voice to the narrator as a fictional museum guide.

The tour is offered in Danish, German, and English.

Atelier Europa - an audio tour about Franciska Clausen - was created to commemorate the 125th anniversary of Franciska Clausen's birth.

The audio tour can be found in the free app StoryHunt, which can be downloaded to most newer smartphones.

You'll find the audio tour right here

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