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Street Art "Out in the Open" - Curtis Hylton - Kongensgade 43

Curtis Hylton is a gable painter from the UK who is experienced with spray paint when creating gable paintings on a large scale.
Last autumn, the artist was invited to Kongerslev by a very active group of citizens who wanted a gable painting in connection with their close association with the 'Lille Vildmose' nature reserve, which is just around the corner from the town.

Curtis Hyltons' works most often incorporate a fusion of nature and wildlife, with his work heavily influenced by nature and our connection to it. His visual world was therefore perfect for the task.
During the process, the residents of the town took very loving care of him on walks in the park and on local visits.
Not least, it was a great hope for the artist to experience a moose, which is why he often went "moose hunting" in the evening, which also became a decisive motif in his gable painting.

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