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" Sundhedsøen" (Island of Health), Henriette Lorentz

Standing in front of Rudkøbing’s  "Sundhedshuset" (Health Center), you can find three large colourful vases and five low, round pedestals created by Henriette Lorentz.

"Sundhedsøen" (Island of Health)

  • Artist: Henriette Lorentz
  • Erected: 2004

Standing in front of Rudkøbing’s Health Center “Sundhedshuset”, there are three large colourful  ‘vases’ and five low, round pedestals.

The organic shape of the vases can be seen as a reference to the extension to Rudkøbing’s old school, which they stand outside. They are painted in bright colours, inspired by the colours used when the old school was converted into a health center. Mythical animals wrap themselves around the vases, gently gazing at those who stop to look at the artwork. Henriette Lorentz wanted to create “something nice” for the people visiting the health center, as not everyone coming here is feeling too good.

Henriette Lorentz

Henriette Lorentz works with both sculpture and painting and often lets the two art-forms enter into dialogue with each other. Her style is easily recognisable with its imaginary creatures, mythical animals and patterns painted in vivid colours. You can read more about Henriette Lorentz here.

Visit the Artist

Atelier Lorentz, Grønnegade 1, 5900 Rudkøbing.

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