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SUP on Haderslev Dam

The beautiful nature around Haderslev Dam invites water sports activities such as SUP. However, please note the following before putting your paddleboard in the water at Haderslev Dam.

There are currently no specific regulations regarding the use of paddleboards on Haderslev Dam. So far, the municipality has announced that the use of paddleboards is permitted in Haderslev Dam, Møllestrømmen, and Inderdammen. The general navigation rules also apply to paddleboards, but registration is not required.

You can launch your SUP in Haderslev Dam from areas owned by the municipality. For example, in Inderdammen, it is the area around Bispen. In Møllestrømmen, there is a launch and retrieval ramp near Møllestryget (near the address Ny Erlevvej 2). If you wish to launch your paddleboard in other places, you must make an arrangement with the landowner if it is a private area.

Haderslev Municipality points out that the water in Haderslev Dam, Møllestrømmen, and Inderdammen is not suitable for bathing. The water may be contaminated with E. coli bacteria from wastewater due to overflows from the sewer system in connection with heavy rainfall.

During the summer period, there are also often large occurrences of algae.

The municipality therefore advises against bathing in the dam and recommends minimizing direct contact with the water as much as possible.

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